Laemchabang Logistics Fair 2024

The Annual General Meeting for the year 2023 of the Laem Chabang Chonburi Transport Association.

On Saturday, March 2, 2567, from 08:00 to 22:00 hrs., at the War Veterans Building, Kasetsart University, Sriracha Campus, Chonburi Province.


At the automotive trade show featuring various renowned brands such as Hino, the main sponsor of the event, along with Isuzu, Nissan UD, C.P. Futon, and Wafa, there are exclusive discounts offered. Additionally, booths from manufacturers and distributors of truck parts, including GP Autoparts, have been set up.
Among the products showcased by GP Autoparts are Optibelt, belts made with German-standard manufacturing technology. These belts, equivalent to OEM standards for cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, and power transmission, are highly efficient and durable. They come with a 100,000 km warranty and special features, such as resistance to oil, covering contaminants like mineral water, dirt, animal fats, or plant oils, and coolants. They can withstand temperatures up to 70°C and down to -40°C, certified through electrical resistance testing. Each belt is designed to be the same size, allowing for easy replacement without size comparison, making it the most compatible for multi-belt usage.

High-quality SKF bearings from Sweden are available for cars, trucks, and trailers.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control, SKF bearings boast high precision and low friction, enabling them to withstand high rotational speeds and resist wear. This helps reduce maintenance costs.

KYB, ranked number one in shock absorbers, boasts a legacy of over 100 years.

High-performance shock absorbers from KYB are durable and resilient, even when used in heavy-duty trucks. Their ability to provide a smooth and comfortable ride surpasses standard shock absorbers fitted in vehicles.

ACDelco products deliver excellent quality tailored to your needs, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

ACDelco replacement parts adhere to the standards of the United States of America, manufactured by Chevrolet. The product range covers both cars and trucks, including engine oil, filters, brake pads, shock absorbers, belts, bearings, air compressor seals, water pumps, thermostats, bulbs, batteries, windshield wipers, and chemicals.

Confident in every drive, Exedy truck clutches ensure reliable performance.

Exedy offers a variety of clutch models that meet OEM standards under strict manufacturing and quality inspection processes, in line with international standards. They are backed by technology certification from Japan.

Cromwell offers high-quality automotive tools for professional mechanics, ensuring reliability and performance in every use.

“Guaranteeing quality and performance in every industry,” Cromwell’s product brands include KENNEDY (mechanical tools), KOBE (air tools), Halo (personal protective equipment), SwissTech (drill bits), YORK (abrasives, sandpaper), and SENETOR (mechanical tools).

In addition to these brands, GP Autoparts offers a variety of genuine and replacement parts. For more information on products, visit

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