ACDelco Strategy Department

GP Mobility collaborates with ACDelco, a world-leading automotive parts manufacturer, to enhance customer satisfaction.

GP Mobility welcomed ACDelco executives led by Mr. William Henrie, Authorized Director, along with Chevrolet Sales (Thailand) Ltd. management for a strategy planning session. Discussions centered on sales and marketing strategies and collaborative efforts for the year 2024.

ACDelco, renowned globally for automotive parts, is a trusted brand known for producing and distributing various auto parts, particularly those related to engine electrical systems and engine oil. As part of General Motors (GM), a global automotive giant encompassing brands like Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Buick, ACDelco offers both genuine and high-quality aftermarket parts, serving both automotive maintenance markets and general consumers.

The diverse range of ACDelco products, including batteries, starter motors, belts, spark plugs, and more, enjoys widespread popularity in the automotive parts industry.

This meeting aimed to strategize sales and marketing initiatives for the year 2024, with a focus on enhancing customer satisfaction. Both companies committed to collaborative product and service development tailored to meet customer needs, including expanding distribution channels nationwide.

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